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VF Tactical Cocker  Worr Game Products is proud to release the -VF- Tactical Cocker® Marker. Designed by Jeff Orr one of the greatest minds in paintball today. The -VF- Tactical was made with the scenario-rec players in mind. Featuring the legendary closed bolt system found on all WGP Cockers® Markers. This new entry to the WGP family of Cocker® Markers will turn more than a few heads. It includes the all new VF-T front block, ergonomically designed for better hand placement. Also coming standard on this marker is the -VF- Tactical Shroud with rail system. Additional accessory rails are available to add on to the -VF- Tactical Shroud. For example with the standard accessory rail you can add on a M-3 Tactical Illuminator by Streamlight. With the optional extra rails you can also add a laser sight and infrared lighting systems. The -VF- Tactical is loaded with features and requires no additional upgrades for outstanding performance.

WGP VF-Tactical Cocker Marker, paintball gunFeatures
• WGP Authentic Body w/ Threaded Feed Port
• VF-T Shroud Cover with Rail System
• VF-T Front Block
• AR Guard
• The Grip Feed Neck
• 03 Vertical Custom Milling
• All-Delron Bolt with O-rings
• Second Generation Hinge Frame
• WGP Curve Trigger
• Orr-acle Valve Spring
• VF-T Ram
• CT-3 Way
• Outkast Adjustable Front Regulator
• Ergo Regulator with Low Pressure End Cap
• Black Magic Barrel
• Black Magic Pull Pin
• Black Anodized Pump Rod, Cocking Rod & Actuating Rod

$1150.00 each     gun only

All Paintball Guns are classed as firearms and may only be owned by holders of a longarm shooters license. To purchase you must provide a PTA (permit to acquire) or your state equivalent

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