Vertical Feed Cockers
E-class Orracle







































E-Class Orracle
  • Threaded vertical feed design
  • Comes with high rise & low rise feed tube
  • Closed bolt semi auto
  • Electronic Eclipseblade frame pre installed
  • Electronic 3-way
  • Electronic eye
  • 14in 2 piece .689 Kaner barrel
  • Black Magic inline regulator
  • Stainless steel actuating, cocking and pump rod
  • STO ram
  • Tickler adjustable front regulator
  • Orr.acle delron piece bolt
  • Stainless steel valve
  • Ball detent
  • Low operating pressure 230psi


E-Class Orracle, black and orange paintball gun
All Paintball Guns are classed as firearms and may only be owned by holders of a longarm shooters license. To purchase you must provide a PTA (permit to acquire) or your state equivalent

$1500.00 each gun only













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