Air is also called Nitrogen, the advantage it is very stable and is not affected by outside temperatures. You'll see on a air system or tank figures such as 3000 PSI 48cu. The 3000 relates to the amount of pressure the tank can hold and the 48 relates to the capacity inside the tank. 
The system or tank can be brought either in aluminium or fiber wrap.
The aluminium is cheaper but heavier, the fiber is the opposite, dearer but lighter. The aluminium does not require a cover, the fiber wrap does. 
To fill the air systems or tanks requires a scuba air fill station which attaches to a scuba tank which one can purchase from any scuba shop or second hand shop like cash converters when they're available.


48cu 3000 psi with  Preset Regulator 
RRP: $110.00 each

We have Australian Workcover Approval for these 48cu 3000psi Bottles

Empire BASICS 68ci Carbon HPA Tank
Empire Air Systems offer an affordable option to the player who wants to upgrade to a High Pressure Air system. These high quality air systems feature a lightweight aluminium regulator that provides steady performance and reliability. These Empire tanks will operate for many years of quality performance.

  • Australian certified carbon fiber cylinders Made in the USAť
  • 68 cubic inch sized cylinder
  • Paintball Industry standard 4500 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
  • Reliable Empire regulator
  • Utilizing Pure Energy technology regulators that lead the industry in flow, stable pressure output and efficiency
  • Both high and low pressure rupture disks installed for the highest level of safety
  • Stainless Steel V3.0 fill nipple
  • Regulators are installed by qualified technicians and meet or exceed all industry standards
  • Five year retest cycle
  • Tank must be filled prior to use

RRP: $235.00 each

We have Australian Workcover Approval for these 68cu 4500psi Bottles

Empire Exalt Tank Cover

Colours: Red, Green, Purple or Tan.

Price: $ 40.00 each

Empire Battle Tested Bottle Cover

Colour: THT

Price: $ 23.00 each

Paintball Australia Pure Energy Reactor Preset Regulator


Pure Energy Reactor Preset Regulator                                       

RRP: $ 49.00 each
The Pure Energy Reactor Preset Regulator is equipped with the industry standard "QD Style" fill fitting, allowing your system to be filled either on or off the marker. It can be filled with either clean, dry or compressed air or Nitrogen.  The Pure Energy Reactor Preset Regulator is re-buildable.  They have Dual safety rapture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety, Mechanical gauge, Nickel plated brass bonnet, Certified fill nipple and dual locking set screws. DO NOT FILL WITH PURE OXYGEN

Paintball Australia Scuba Fill Station

Empire Scuba Fill Station
Scuba Fill Station  fits on to scuba tanks so you
can fill your air system from it                                                     

RRP: $99.00 each
Safety is our priority and should be yours too. All Tanks should be filled by qualified personnel only.  Keep fill nipples clean and dirt free.  To prolong the life of your air system, purchase nipple caps and remove only when filling. When travelling use a valve cap to prevent damage to threads. Precaution now prevents repair later.

Paintball Australia Invert 6000 ps micro gauge

Invert 6000 PSI Micro Gauge
Aluminum Construction
Weighs 33% less than standard gauge
Compact Size
RRP:$21.00 ea

Paintball Australia Pure energy h.p fill nipple

Pure Energy H.P Fill Nipple
For Pure Energy Reactor Regulator
RRP:$12.00 ea

Paintball Australia Pure Energy Unified burst disk

Pure Energy 1.8K, 3K & 5K Unified Burst Disk
Packet of 2
per packet

Paintball Australia pure energy reactor parts kit

Pure Energy Reactor Parts Kit

Parts Kit Contains:
#5. Pin Valve Spring,
#6. Pin Valve w/Seal,
#7. 006 Teflon O-Ring,
#9. Bottle O-Ring,
#10. 013-90 Urethane O-Ring,
#11. 008-90 Urethane O-Ring,
#14. 006-90 Urethane O-Ring,
#18. 10-32 Set Screws (2)

RRP: $13.20

Paintball Australia bottle o-ring white

Bottle O-Ring - White

White, Teflon for CO2 Tanks and Air.

RRP: $0.50ea

Paintball Australia bottle o-ring black

Bottle O-Ring - Black

Black Bottle O-Rings for CO2 Tanks
RRP: $0.30cents ea








































































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